Monday, January 02, 2006

happy stuff. new year. january.

so, jimbo and i left town around 5 on saturday. while we were driving near pine mountain we saw reynolds bickerstaff. his wife was making faces at us, so i was like, peace out. and dropped it into 4th and we hit 115mph and were like maybe we should slow down. so like, ten minutes later we were in lawrenceville. ha. and we picked up two of my friends. john zarley and raiford storey. we drove to athens.

we started at ryan lingo's house. 2 rum/cokes. then to caroline's house. whiskey sour. rum/coke. then to some girl named veggie c's house. 2 shots of jager. plastic cup of keg beer. then to downtown. walking from the parking deck to the bars. jack and coke. watching the ball drop, not having anyone to kiss. then getting our shots for midnight at like 12:07. shot of "liquid cocaine." (jager, goldschlager, something else.) then a grateful dead. then a beer. jack/coke. walk to some other bar. there's like two million people at this bar. no drinks there. just a scandelous photo. (see below) we leave there and walk back to veggie c's. in the process leaving sean's truck at the parking deck. bad move. bad. move.

back at veggie c's. what a wierd name. 4 glasses of cham-pag-ne. two plasic cups of beer. that put the total for the night at...

17. yep, 17 drinks in about four hours. the next morning. i officially thought i was gonna die. and at one point i would have preferred it to what i was going through. throwing up bile (stomach fluid) is not fun. and it bleaches the sidewalk. yep. the spot previously covered with mildewy sidewalk stuff was bright white a few minutes later. gross

so back in ctown. this morning i bled my brakes and finally got a huge air bubble to come out. sweet. that means i have braking power. so i ate lunch with my dad, then went over to mike greathouse's to watch, well, wait for a football game to finish so we could go ride. we went to flat rock. it was muddy. muddy. did i mention muddy. i will have a picture up soon of my bike post ride and my face and my legs post ride. all covered in. you guessed it. mud. but my brakes worked. really well. it was so nice to have brakes for once. i don't know how the vbrakers of the world ride with vrbakes. at least in mud. vbrakes + mud = 0 * fun. my math for the day.

so then i hung out with my buddies and we went to loco's to watch the georgia game. after it got to be 28-0 in the first hour we decided to leave. and here i am. typing. have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joseph - I know Raiford - we've gone to some Linux meets together - say Hi for me next time you see him.


karlie said...
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