Monday, January 09, 2006


so i started the day off at trail x. to those of you who don't know, trail x is a secret. and gee is it fun. one 'lap' seems to be about 1.6 miles or so. but doing repeated laps can wear you out. fo sho. i'm trying to get some good riding in as the first race on my calendar is in a month. icycle. its at fontana, nc. the xc race is on saturday. day. then there's time for DH practice, then at dark the DH race starts. i am not sure if i'll do the DH race or not, i did it last year. it was fun. and its at night. if you didn't figure that out yet. a couple pics from this morning.

then i went grocery shopping. i got some cool veggie stir fry stuff. i hope its good.

then work. blah. it went by quick, then some guy came in at 4:55pm and i had to put on a computer and put cleats on his shoes. then at 5:55pm (we close at 5pm on mondays) i left. went over to picasso's pizza. ate with abby and some teacher named adam. then home briefly.

oh yeah, how could i forget!!!!!! my timbuk2 bag came in today. its green. and big. and green. and light green and lime green. sweet! i'll put a picture of it up soon. peace homies.

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