Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 goals.

i've seen that its popular in the blog world of appstate-ers to talk about goals for 2009. so. well. i'm old and not a cool appstate cycling team member or anything but i thought i can try to be cool like them so i'll list out some goals(cycling and other):

1. race consistently on the xc cat 2 (makes sport sound like we're fast or something) circuit and get some top 5's.

2. using said race results and some bribing usa cycling officials to get my CAT 1 (expert) upgrade. or at least keep my top spot as North Carolina Sport MTB 19-29 rankings leader

3. do a 180 on my snowboard. fakie stalefish

4. consistently write blog posts. basically, make sure to always have n + 1 posts where n = # on noah niwinski's blog.

5. use the word 'belgium' more times than J-Flo

6. finish top 7 at the BURN24 hour SOLO race. yes. top 7. top 10 seems too broad. top 5, well, they're all pro guys

7. beat shaw brown at any mountain bike races he does this year

8. be a good husband and continue taking out the trash.

9. beat sam hutchens at any and all, yes all, races we do together this year. unless he's my pit crew, then we'll finish top 7 (see goal # 6)

10. dream up some cool training plans and actually stick with em. like with intervals and zone 3 tempo and zone 5 vo2 and... you get the idea. and blog about EACH and EVERY training session with graphs and charts from my powertap. well, if i had a powertap... =(

so. those are my goals. you have problems with them?? well, write your own blog and leave some comment here and i will come over to your blog and well, talk trash about your goals. or lack thereof. welp, thanks for reading and go ride your bike


Charlie said...

Training plan?! You might as well start doping!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming back to Boone this up coming Sunday. I came down with the flu or something like it...

I did go on a few rides with Jeremiah and did in fact drop him on really techy walking section, because of his full carbon cycling shoes.