Sunday, January 04, 2009

old 421, drakes creek, bulldog, mtn dale, georges gap.

today i awoke to rain and clouds. determined to go for a bike ride i suited up for the 45 degree rainy slop and texted andy to let him know i was headed to old cove creek school. he agreed to meet me there for ~2 hours and off i went. too bad when i arrived in sugar grove it was 55 degrees and sunny and... NOT RAINING. here's our route:

our route was 27 miles rather than 25.something. we took 1hour 56minutes total time. andy had to wait for me at the top of all the hills, and there was a little time stopped to hydrate. drakes creek was a nice addition to my library of known roads, and it was nice to be on mountain dale road again. now... on to exploring locust gap rd. thanks for reading.

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