Thursday, January 08, 2009

trainer riding. the big red S & stan's. quick days

today went by quickly. first thing 10:00am, dirk brown walks in and sam and i look at each other and call/email shaw to let him know we're in the process of getting dirked (wikipedia explanation here). 11:29am rolls around and dirk leaves. i start checking out my to-do list and putting UPC labels on things and doing other exciting tasks and soon its 1:30pm and i'm eating yummy yummy yummy chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich and waffle fries. yum fried food. you have to have it once in a while...

okay, so now its 4:00pm. official stick-boy time. come back to work. eat some free treats (pecan bars and red velvet cake) and sip some coffee. now its 6:00pm. closing the doors and now its time to ride the trainer:

that's me, to the left side of the photo...

so i do
5min warmup
10min just below LT
3x 1min power interval 1min recov
5min zone 3
3x 1min power interval 1min recov
5min cool-down

and go home for some soup. then comes perhaps the most exciting part of my day, other than watching BACK-to-BACK grey's anatomy and private practice, i find dan.gerous's blog post about specialized getting sued:

"...I hope Stan wins but I also hope he knows what he got into, Specialized take their name because there are two things they do very well, they are specialized in marketing and legal court bullshiting. That could end up in a few different scenarios:

1: Specialized do what they've done in the past: buying Notubes to shut them up and steal their ideas and technologies.

2: Specialized drag the court process for so long and multiply the legal fees to the point NoTubes are out of money and are forced to shut down.

3: NoTubes wins, get a chunk of cash, start giving away wheelsets to racers in need and a movie is made about the thing with a 'from the heart' message: even the small guys can win against the big bad evil. Sinyard will be played by Jack Nicholson... or maybe Malcolm McDowell.

4: The rest of the cycling industry secretly finance Stan's defense to make sure Specialized get a well deserved lesson.

5: Specialized lose the case, pay up, then sue NoTubes because they use red and white on their decals, getting back all the money they paid and then some..."

for the whole post, please see the post here

so that was my day. currently we're looking forward to seeing our friend frank from georgia. he was one of my groomsmen. he's coming up for the weekend. yep. charlotte short track in two point five weeks...

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