Monday, February 06, 2006

2006 icycle race and frozen toes.

for the first time in my life, i thought i would have to have some toes on my left foot amputated. that is a scary thought.

it was raining when i woke up saturday morning. i drove to the inn at the top of the hill and had breakfast. went to the fontana bike shop and changed my tires. kenda nevegal 2.1's. i liked them. they hooked up really well in super nasty stuff. so i changed and for some reason went out for a pre-ride. brr. it was raining still. the race starts, my parents roll up. i say hi and toss my keys to my mom, sweet, lost another 75 grams or so. ha. there is a lemans start, we run for our bikes. and ride up an incredibly steep muddy hill. i walk the second half. we ride through the parking lot, turn onto some dirt, the pile-up begins. people are all walking. we turn the first switchback and people start riding. more switchbacks. then i notice, its stopped raining. yeah, now its snowing. great. ride some. ride some. then we get to the fun stuff. a long downhill. people are pulling their bikes off the trail as they hear me coming. ha. so i'm a downhiller at heart. i pass like 6 people. they pass me shortly after on the next climb. some mucky stuff. through the softball field. second lap. i push up the hill again, eating a gu this time. ride everything, wishing i had a camera to take pictures. the snow is settling on both sides of the singletrack. lots of white now. long downhill again. okay, so i went a little slower, for some reason my front brake stopped working. but i still passed people. some climbing, but this time i passed people. sweet. through the mucky stuff, pass a girl, she stays on my wheel. our times don't really matter to each other, but we were still racing each other. through the softball field. pedaling hard. lactic acid. burn. super low gear. tires spinning. not really moving. start the final climb. i made it. the girl didn't. hahaha. i have no idea what place i got. but i finished. quite unlike half the field, and this guy, with a broken fork.

so that was my experience at the first race of the year. results should be up soon at:
thanks for looking.

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