Tuesday, February 21, 2006


in response to whoever posted as anonymous, and started their comment with "dude" and said blame myself... i work six days a week. thats six. monday through saturday. they used to close on mondays, but started opening a year or so ago from 12-5. and i don't mind the amount of hours at all, i just don't like the fact i have one day off.

in other news... i rode my road bike today. it was interesting, time off of it and it feels rather twitchy, compared to the mountain bikes at least. we only rode like 22 miles or so, but it was fun. had a decent average nearly 17mph, considering we had so many slow spots to "walk" through the construction. anyways, it was a good day overall.

so clarifying the work situation, and talking about a road ride. that's enough of a post for me. later.


RB^2 said...

I have to agree on the poor taste comment, and I agree that small/independant businesses (Columbus = small town mentality + small business...doesn't make a positive) tend to really suck the life from their employees who have futures NOT there. if that makes sense.

and. if they just dont have anything remotely nice to say? why bother? how immature.

and. at risk of having my throat slit for commenting on it. please don't join the army. not that i think you would.

and. the roommate offer here still stands. but i confess it's equally difficult to find a decent job in atlanta, odd as that seems

joseph said...
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