Thursday, February 02, 2006

bikes races latex etc

so things have been good lately. i ordered the demo 8 yesterday. it's predicted arrival date is monday. believe there will be a picture up as soon as i get it. schweet!!!! i got the 2005 demo 8 pro. there were only 7 left nationwide. its got a manitou 4way with a ti spring. heck yeah.

and i rode a couple weeks ago at phenix city then buddy's land with some friends. john and taylor came down from tuscaloosa and we met randomly up with patrick and ben near the log rides. we went up to the road gap and little gap, hit a good rock drop, then headed out. we ate taco bell, then headed to buddy's land. i re-grew my balls and decided to jump some stuff. got a pretty sweet pic of me doing the creek gap, and one of taylor off the specialized banner drop. enjoy.

i put latex tubes in my epic too. they weigh roughly an ounce less a piece than regular butyl tubes. and they are supposed to be more flat resistant. we'll see. they better do something, they cost about 10 times a regular tube. and i put crank bros. egg beater sl pedals on the bike. it lost about 5 ounces in the past couple days. i'll pull the waterbottle cage soon too. that's another two ounces. and i am losing some myself too, which is nice.

i'm going tomorrow to fontana dam north carolina to race saturday. it should be fun. is currently predicting snow. hahahaha. we'll see. so pics...

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RB^2 said...

maybe karmically your use of latex tubes is leaving your caffienated life a little off kilter...haha