Monday, February 20, 2006

no purpose

days go by and i wonder what am i doing. i know thats a profound statement, but i dont really think about it all that often. i work at a bike shop, and a bar, and have one day off per week, and not really even a whole day. i dont want to be in this town anymore, but somehow i'm stuck here. i apply for jobs elsewhere and nothing. i dont want to leave without a place to go, but that seems like a better option. im scared to leave and not know anyone, but i dont really have too many good friends here. but i know people. at least i could (probably) meet people through mountain biking wherever i went, but some mountain bikers are wierd. i've never moved anywhere before, except different parts of town, but that doesnt count. and i dont really even know how to. but i want to get out.


Anonymous said...

Join the Army! WIth a college degree you can go in as a Specialist. Better yet, you can be a part of the new secret Mountain Bike Brigade! Dude...Cool.

PhishyJ said...

I can totally relate, my time here has passed. It's time to go where the beer flows like wine.