Saturday, January 01, 2005


i finally made it to the ER for something other than a mountain biking accident. ha. the other day i had a 104 degree fever. it sucked. but i'm feeling better now.

last night was a good time. i spent it with rachel, wayne, suzanne, ashley ? c/gra(i)g ?? coach jim, cheryl, and a twelve year old Yale grad. okay, thats an exaggeration, she's at least 16. so we just hung around wayne's place and i watched everyone else sip/gulp away at an assortment of mixed drinks. i didn't partake (the codiene cough syrup and alcohol dont mix) but did have a sip or twelve of champagne. we took off around 1:15am or so.

I didnt do much the rest of the day, took a four hour nap, then went to wayne's to watch The Thomas Crown Affair. thats about it. going home to go to sleep.

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greyguitar said...

123rub, i've heard that before. oh wait, oh yeah. nevermind.