Sunday, January 09, 2005

great days

friday night was a good time. i went to fountain city around 9:30 and listened to BJ and joel and this other guy play guitar, and it was slow so karlie got to sit down with me a bunch, and i looked at bike porn online. And we left and well...thats all. hehe

woke up next to her, which is such a great feeling. I went to the bike shop and we were pretty damn busy. And Lisa, an older lady that rides, brought me and byron a margarita in a water bottle. That made work much more fun. I got to leave about an hour and a half early, and walked around broadway with karlie and joel. So i went home for the first time in a day or two, and headed back downtown. I hung out with joel most of the night, we met and hung out with karlie's roommates (before she even met them) and played Halo2. I was embarrassed after the first couple games, but got warmed up and won against brian. kevin succeeded in putting me back in my place, and that was it for halo.

sunday morning i woke up, met Josum Grillo (a badass ranger guy) at the bike shop, and we headed over to the trail. we rode for about three hours. I had a personal first, Yay! there's this skinny ladder by our log rides that lots of people ride up and over, but as far as I know, Paul Luker was the only person (before yesterday) to launch off the top. I did twice. It was super F-in scary, because the landing is almost vertical (so it seems) and about a foot and a half wide.

So I ate lunch with Karlie, worked a crossword puzzle, cleaned out my car, sat through a "talk" with my mom, then went to play Halo 2 with the boys. Karlie showed up and eventually went to the other room to spy on their location with the flag. she's getting the idea. we were playing headlong CTF and they had some really good flag hiding spot. haha.

now its monday, I'm at school. Found out this morning my perfect schedule ain't so perfect. our servant leadership class that was supposed to meet three or four times this semester is now meeting EVERY friday. What's up with that? Oh well. I got really good oatmeal earlier at Publix, that made breakfast good. later. jg

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