Wednesday, January 12, 2005

pink is for wussies

i realized last night that this blog is becoming a means of communication... its like "who needs phones when you have blogs?" well, maybe not that extreme.

continuing where yesterday's post left off...i went to senior seminar. it should be nice and challenging. we have to present a chapter of our text to the class, choose a research topic, present that to our class, write a 8-15 pg paper on the same topic, and (optional) present the same topic to the school's student colloquium. he said that would pretty much be an automatic A for the course though. hmmm. and we have to formally write the solution for a problem on our weekly problem sheet. the subjects range from college algebra to real analysis and abstract algebra. should be fun.

i left class and went straight to phenix city to ride with kevin and matt. we got there right as the sun was setting, and relied on our trusty lightsets to keep on track. granted only one person reading this has any clue what the trail is like out there...but its truly like riding a different trail. i for once felt like the wussie of the group. matt and kevin, both in their 40's, were hauling ass down twisty unforgiving singletrack. during the daytime, you can pick and choose a line around roots and depressions, and well, at night your main concern is just staying between the trees. i remember one specific section when i got a little too proud... i'm like "man guys, this section separates the boys..." and it really does, especially in the dark. its up by the dam, after you start coming back south, theres inumerable switchbacks and a series of uphill sideways log crossings. i made it over the two difficult ones and then spoke my pride, and then clipped my handlebars on a tree. i think the tree actually just jumped out, but who knows. so that really put me back in my place. we did keep a pretty good pace, we rode 7.3 miles in about 2 hours. thats not really a good pace for the standard XC trail, but anybody who rides the trail of tears in PC, alabama knows. Its sorta like the cirle of trust. Meet the Parents? well, maybe not a circle of trust, but anyways.

so i left the trail around 8:30pm, went home, showered, went to attempt calculus problems i had no idea how to do (its been a while). ddand a bowl of kashi rice puff cereal, and diet v-8 splash (made with splena not aspartame, mmmm good) and came to school. i get to go skiing this weekend. should be fun. peace love and bugs.

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RB^2 said... coffee jokes...tsk tsk. I'll never look at my java the same way again.
Anyway, you will find on the trail that, much like a horse senses fear, the trail gods know when you've gotten too big for your britches. Kindof like the time I yahoo-ed before actually cresting the rock at the top of the super steep kick-ass climb at Conyers...the gods directly put your in your humble place...what was sprung from the earth, returns to the earth. But, props to you for doing the Trail of Tears in the dark...damn trees! When are you coming back to Atl-