Tuesday, January 11, 2005

school is cool

hehe. what a goofy title.

i am not going to type much, as i have yet another class starting in about 37 seconds, yes i know i will be late, but man it is all good. i had health at 9:30am, then non-western culture at 11:00, then wore a toga to my art history at 1:30pm, then worked out, it felt so good, then came here (library) and am currently running late for senior seminar in math.

this semester is going to be awesome though, my non western professor was like: "we're going to watch seven years in tibet, last samurai and sailor moon." okay, were not watching sailor moon, but i was singing that barenaked ladies song...anyways.

tonight, around 2am is officially a month of boyfriend-girlfriend-ness between me and karlie, or rather karlie and i, whichever you prefer. that makes me happy. i cant believe she put up with me that long. hehe. and if i remember correctly, there is another kb having their one month soon. anyways, like a built in reminder.

leaving for class, then riding mtn bikes in the dark. woooo hoooo.

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