Thursday, January 06, 2005


its thursday, i work today, tomorrow, sunday and monday. ugh. we're doing a physical inventory of the store. that'll be fun. not. i rode my singlespeed down from home today. it was a good ride, i had like a 14mph avg. the past few days have been really good. i've been with karlie a bunch. i know she's getting tired of me, so i'll try to find something else to do tonight.

night before last we (me her denise and april from kinnucans) watched "meet the parents." i liked it, never saw it before. now i need to see meet the fockers. i cant believe it, but my parents have already seen it! so last night we (me her) watched garden state. its a semi-artsy film with zach braff and natalie portman. and to my amazement, natalie portman said fuck. anyways. its a good movie. watch it.

so school is starting monday. well, for me it starts tuesday, not to brag or anything... but i have the best senior year spring semester schedule in university history. ren. art to 1800, golf, concepts of fitness, servant leadership biography, senior seminar in math (think i am gonna research topology), and asian religious traditions. all my classes are tuesday thursday, and for my first semester ever, i dont have ANY night classes. wooooooooooo hoooooooooooo! thats all for now. i have a quizno's turkey sandwich waiting to get eaten. yum.


p.s. for anyone posting, please put your name if you post. thanks. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joseph, I hope your break has been good. Mine was good, talked someone from the past we opened up a new path, kinda not really, I will explain later. I miss yah! I will def. give a call when I get back, we need to hang out more often! I hung out with Chris and Bobby and J.D. when I went to Columbus for the night, but you weren't there. I was hoping you would. It's ok. I'll call you Sunday! Take care! ~Erin~