Tuesday, February 08, 2005

days go by (Buddh

its tuesday morning. my 11 oclock was canceled so im taking advantage of computer usage. still no idea how i finished at the race. still hoping for 4th or 5th. rode my singlespeed to school today. found out i had a midterm in my concepts of fitness class. probably did shitty. i skipped class thursday and missed the review. its actually hard if you forgot to study. ha.

i got a refreshing email update from kelly n. she was at the NOC while i was in fontana, 15 miles away. oh well. i thought about going over to NOC to see if she was there but... laziness and gas money lackage (did i just make up a word?) took over.

yesterday was fun. me and karlie took my dog for a walk, then i picked jazz up from school. then me and him rode bikes to johnson mill lofts and found out prices. hmmm. then we went back down the riverwalk to fountain city. had a smoothie and coffee, caught up with karlie and rode bikes with her some. we called it a day. took jazz home, ate dinner with my parents, then studied for math.

lets think about zack. MAN, IT IS ALL GOOD.

peacery (TM Rachel)

okay. its 10:55 pm and i am adding more.
i went home, did some homework, karlie came over and we took a nap. i had renaissance art at 1:3o pm. after that i had subway, then worked on math. had my 4:30 class. went home. finally finished The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. That book coupled with my Asian Religions class really has me appreciating and wanting to study Buddhism more. The best thing keroauc (Ray) examines is the possible co-existence of Buddhism and Christianity. He doesnt rule out other religions either. Ray commonly mentions God and Boddhitsavas and Lord Buddha and karma and dharma and angels and makes no distinction. The other cool thing about the book is the degree to which kerouac describes nature. Ray and Japhy go on innumerable trips to the mountains of California, Ray spends time in the woods in North Carolina at his mother's place. He spends the final chapters of the book in solitude on mount Desolation. Desolation. That sums is up. He is alone with the world and its beauty and his thoughts and that is all the truth for his sixty days that summer. Ray contemplates the few animals he sees, he examines the simplicity and wishes he could always have it. He (Keroauc) describes in grand detail the environment and makes up words to assist in these descriptions. I definitely put this book at the top of my favorites. I'd say The Dharma Bums, The Inferno and A Clockwork Orange are currently tied for my favorite books. Next on my list is a Biography of the Fourteenth (current) Dalai Lama. It sucks he had to flee Tibet after China occupied it and destroyed thousands of monasteries. Anyways. Flibberty-jibberty-wazzle. Yeah. I dont know either.


Anonymous said...

"determined whoever chose the course for the downhill was on crack"


I'll bet everybody that placed was on a cross country bike.

Aaaw well... It was still a great time. Hey, send me the adress for that freeride club's website. My email is vasil002@bama.ua.edu by the way, this is John if you havn't guessed.

Anonymous said...

is that what u are calling it now .."studying for math"...lol...

RB^2 said...

I'm telling you they dont know about downhill bikes in north & south caroline ;) it's all cross countryers up there!

liked how you use my copyright...you just wish you had such skillfull...whatevers...oh yea, you got it on the lackery...there you go. hope you placed in the dh race- see you in the funnies