Sunday, February 06, 2005

downhills are down hill right?

its sunday. i dont remember the last time i posted anything. friday night i stayed at the bike shop until 11 or so cleaning my bigHit. then we left columbus at 9am saturday. got to fontana at 2:30pm. we checked in. ate. were lazy. rode three practice runs. determined whoever chose the course for the downhill was on crack. the first half was real fast and real good. no tech sections, just superfast with about a 60ft drop on your immediate right. about halfway down it flattened out, then came the climbs. yes climbs. it was a pain in the ass...well really the quads and my calfs but thats all. my first run time was 3min 30sec. my second run would have been better but the muddy rooty switchbacks got the best of me. i went over the bars. wasted a few seconds, cursed a good bit (to let the crowd know it was me...) and rode slowly the final fifty yards to the finish. dont know what the time was, but the first run was better. i know i didnt finish top 3 cause i would have gotten a medal, but maybe fourth. so we drove back in a zigzaggy fashion. ate with karlie's parents in marietta and are soon leaving to head to a poker game in columbus. peace.
p.s. i fell pretty good this morning. took a tree to the neck under my full face helmet. it was nice. did i mention the race was at night. pitch black? had a 32 watt light though. yeah...

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Kelly said...

HEY I was at the Nantahala all week! Tight as shit, man. I'm suprised I didn't see you .. oh wait, no I'm not because I was in an AWFA course from freakin' 8am to 5 pm everyday.

Dude, my site URL is old on your site. Change it to

I think I'm coming to Columbus next week. Crisler is coming back from Chile and we're making a special "green light" trip down to big CSU to meet up with Amy-son. Tell Bobby-son we're coming. PARTY!