Sunday, February 20, 2005

where's my honda? ...zed's dead baby, zed's dead.

i was just thinking about that quote, which i had to explain today to some friends, and realized that is probably not true at all. it probably didn't take more than Butch (Bruce Willis) to drive back to the hotel, and i dont think that is enough time for Marsellus Wallace to call his boys and have them "get medieval on (Zed's) ass." Even if Marsellus's buddies could have gotten there, i think they'd still be using their "blow torch and pliers." anyways. zed wouldn't be dead for a little while longer. unless of course butch meant that zed is basically dead. who knows.

my weekend was ok. did a night ride last week. tuesday to be exact. it was fun. i didnt have any afternoon classes thursday, so that was nice. karlie and i rode bikes. sunday we played halo at john zarley's. paris hilton's tmobile sidekick was apparently hacked releasing hundreds of star's phone numbers on the internet. my buddies tried calling a bunch of them from camo phone but got voicemails and busy signals. as raiford put it, a bunch of celebrities are gonna be getting their phone numbers and emails changed. i have to go now and get karlie. peace.


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