Thursday, February 10, 2005


thought karlie was gonna dump me. that was scary. but it is all good now.

aside from that, my day was ok. i am sort of sick, just have the sniffles and a stuffy head. and the trade off for feeling better is sleepiness. even with the non-drowsy tylenol sinus. i mean, its cool if you're gonna get a little drowsy, but dont put on the box non-drowsy. i wonder if there is any difference between the night and day tylenol sinus? maybe just the box is different.

i've added a nifty toy to the sidebar of my blog. it should be right about

<------ there

or somewhere. ha. i wanted to ride tonight in phenix city, but couldn't cause i would have gotten more sick. so i took over karlie's laptop and am basically wasting time. i did manage to pay my tmobile bill. and check my checking account balance. which is never the same as what i think i have. sometimes its over, sometimes under. i know its just cause checks havent cleared or whatever, but thats stupid. i have to write three more short essays for renaissance art. ugh. and dr. howard is like "study topology." that presentation is in like a month or so, but i do need to start. double ugh. that would be ugh ugh. i guess

i wonder why, when your nose gets stuffy, one side seems like theres a cork in it, and the other is like a highway for snot. and during the day, they swap. anybody else notice that? like right now, my left side is the clogged one, and my right side keeps getting wiped on my sleeve. but earlier it was the other way. i guess its good cause neither sleeve gets left out. you know? ha.

being poor sucks. i was hoping to tutor this kid today and get $25 but he was like, i dont have any questions, what about tuesday?" which is cool. but i was hoping to have 25$ cause it would help get ... oh wait, can't say what i'm getting for valentines. ha.

go to hell sometime. its cool.

thats all. gotta go dry out my shirt sleeves. gross.

peace-idity (TM Joseph)

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