Tuesday, February 01, 2005

its been awhile...

since i could... find some time to post. okay. i had stained in my head sorry. so the past week has gone by. since last monday... school, work, an ice storm, a big brother of the year award, one quart (i think, wish we'd go metric) of starbucks ice cream, lots of (really) good sex, two homecooked meals by my favorite karlie, and one bike ride in phenix city have brought me to today. i have made some progress in the dharma bums too. i am reading about two chapters a day. i need to finish, just so i can start a biography for servant leadership. classes are good. i am really starting to like buddhism as a faith and culture. i'm slowly working some of their thoughts and practices into my everyday life. (key word slowly)

aside from everyday stuff... i am going to the icycle mountain bike race saturday. its gonna be my first downhill race, and its at night. but i ordered myself another lightset yesterday, so i'll have a total of like 40 watts on the front of my bike and helmet. yeah. as of today, me, karlie chris, john vasilis, patrick, and ben are going. we're gonna try to make a party out of it during the afternoon. theres a xc race we'll probably watch some of, then go eat something, then i race at "dark thirty." anyways, ill write more about it all later and post pictures too.

been working out a good bit. spring break watch out. kidding.

its time to go learn about buddhism and make fun of my teacher's outfit, he wears the same blazer everyday. not like i'm guilty of that...(corduroy jacket)... ha.


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RB^2 said...

as much as we appreciate the fact that someone out there somewhere is "getting some"
haha- bastard...what if MY MOM reads your blog!