Saturday, December 24, 2005

happy holidays part deux

okay, so days have been better since my last post. work is going good. i got a two hundred dollar gift card to best buy from my bosses. i used it to get a kodak easyshare c 340 digital camera. and we put it to good use last night...

mandy and jd have a tendency to disappear from friendly functions, like dinner last night. so the boys decide to get them back. bobby picks the lock, ethan opens the door, jimbo pushes it open, ::flash:: i get the picture. we all run our respective ways out of their hallway. i go out to the backyard. i didn't think it took, but yep. there is was, mandy on top, back facing us, black thong, jd...somewhere. ha. they were mad. as they should have been. but it was still funny. the picture got deleted though. so ethan and i re-enacted it. we'll have that picture up soon.

went to the tap last night. got there around midnight. closed it down. home at 3:30. sleep at 4:00. awake at 8 for work. at least today at the bike shop is only going to be 10-3pm. we're closing early since it's christmas eve. speaking of work... later.

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