Wednesday, December 07, 2005


so i was scruffy until i shaved yesterday. and this morning i went to get my hair cut. mmm. good.

went to work today. it was work. good times. went to tutor after that. then swung by my parents house. then downtown. ate at picasso's. then to scruffy's. sat with alec from judybug's. he was drinking wine. i had an irish coffee. then coca cola. lots of coca cola. then buddy bought me a drink. i chose jager bomb. then the bartender bought me a crown and coke. it was strong. took like 30 minutes to drink. riley yielding and down town adam brown (from flipside) were playing. they were good. then i came home. and here i am. 1:20 am. not too late. days like today i love going to work at 11am. yeah.

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