Tuesday, December 13, 2005

so. what is up. or rather, what has been up.

i rode my bike sunday at buddy's land. and i walked some of the old trail, moving branches and logs out of the way. i might go back this weekend and mark off some lines with orange tape. then get the guys to start riding them.

today was a wierd day. i woke up. went to my parents to get a shelf. brought it home. cleaned up my room. wrote a check for my car payment. mailed it. worked. ate lunch. worked some more. and bam. 5 o clock. it was nice how fast the day went by. i rode home. then walked back up to picasso's. ate some pizza. walked home. and that was my night. i wish i could have seen some friends or something, but sitting at home isn't all bad. i found some good bike porn. www.nsmb.com oh yeah.

sunday afternoon jimbo and i ate at texas roadhouse again. we tried to sit in this girl erin's section. a girl my parents set me up on a date with like two years ago. she wasn't there. but this other girl was cool. jimbo tried to get her to come with us to picasso's that night. she was "working." we need to find him a girl.

that puts me unchronologically here. typing. so i'm out of things to say.

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