Tuesday, December 13, 2005

holiday party

i got a bottle of wine as my donation to the potluck style party. its a merlot. which is pronounced mer-low. yeah.

today at the bike shop was cool. i wrapped up our stocking stuffer things, with clear wrappy paper and ribbon. i told brian i think i need hazard pay or overtime or something for having to work with ribbons and scissors. yes, i know how to make the ribbon curly with scissors. pretty cool huh?

aside from that, i ordered a sx trail frame for mike greathouse. that will be the third in town. starting to become overkill-ish. paul luker got one, and if any more come to columbus, he may just ebay his. whatever though. its a cool frame.

thats all. i'll have an update either tonight or tomorrow about the party and how it went. thats all for now.

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annabeck said...

dont tell anyone, but i have had merlot and it is good. shhhh . . .