Thursday, December 08, 2005

oh golly gosh

so today i woke up really early considering i got home a little late last night, and set my alarm for 9am. i woke around 7:30 this morning. oh well. worked for me. i took my old messenger bag to the UPS store. i'm sending it in for a credit towards a new bag. go there, see their stuff. these guys are going to credit me full price i think, then, since i work at a bike shop, let me get another bag for wholesale. the one i had was a medium. i think i'll get either a large or a x-large to replace it. oh, and i can get custom colors. sweeeeeet.

so i went to work. it was chilly today. it was a good day at work. we had paul luker and james woodling's specialized sx trail frames show up. this frame is sweet. but i dont really NEED one. so.

i left work, rode to the new public library via wyntonn road on my trusty epic. complete with blinky light and helmet light. rode back to downtown. went to the loft for a while. we sat with some friends for a bit. then i left and bounced around the other bars for a little while. i came home early. 11:30 ish. i want to try to ride at flat rock in the morning. speaking of which. i should get off the computer.

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annabeck said...

i bet you looked super cool with all those blinky lights . . . :)