Tuesday, December 14, 2004

brrrr its cold

as the title of this post suggests, it is frigid here in c-town. i am currently in the (warm) library, but am about to brave the cold to go print out a few hundred pages in the computer lab. well, mabye only like 60 or so. anyways. today has gone by steadily, cant complain at all. no thanks no whine/wine or cheese today.

the day started by waking up (what a profound statement). were running a little late. So i went to tutor Melisha for the last time in abstract algebra. It went well, and she seemed confident for her final at 6pm today. So went and got jazz, took him to fountain city, he got a strawberry smoothie and actually didnt complain. it was surprising. Although he did complain that i only kept him for an hour. but thats not a surprise really. then stopped by the bike shop, then came to school. I just typed a two page paper for servant leadership about Mona Lisa Smile. I realized today that i have three finals on thursday and i actually need to study soon. that sucks cause i have work tomorrow. so im about to go cram for three finals back to back to back. But i figured first, i'd post something, no matter how boring on here. ha.

My weekend should be filled with fun. The WRX is getting new Toyo tires saturday, then I'm gonna break em in with a trip to ATL saturday night for Rachel's xmas party. Then sunday my family is having our in-no-way-related-to-christmas-or-any-other-holiday-"family-time"-gift-giving-get-together. It should be fun. I'm buying bikes for my parents. Yeah.... we'll see how that goes. Hopefully i'll fit a ride in friday morning before work. okay. i'm leaving now.

p.s. i must add... today i threw away my favorite pair of jeans. :( it was tough. i almost cried. well not really, but it was tough. those jeans had more holes than all my other jeans combined. they had rust marks from the time bobby got stuck in his jeep and we tried to push and they ended up sitting in a wet muddy pile of random clothes for a month. the belt loops were starting to break. the right pocket was falling apart from my pocket knife getting clipped on for the past year or so. if i would have dipped, there would have been a circle from my dip can. they were those kind of jeans. they had a faded square from my wallet. i guess you could say they looked like a pair of jeans you could buy at abercrombie & fitch. i remember when me and my mom picked em out back in tenth grade. that was like...2000 i guess. they were probably 70 bucks. but if you look at it on a payment plan... thats only 17.5 dollars a year. thats only 1.45 dollars a month. well, you get the idea. so. i guess they're gonna get replaced with my old navy pair. we'll see.

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