Monday, December 27, 2004

Everybody slam on your brakes!!!

I am going to go ahead and do my complaining... On my journey from Spartanburg to Marietta last night traffic managed to see brake lights and slam on their own brakes. Talk about peer pressure. So we'd be going 80 or 85mph and somebody way up ahead would tap their brakes and traffic would instantly stop. And to top it all off... when i noticed traffic was stopped ahead of me i'd take my car out of gear and coast in an attempt to lessen my personal impact on the world's petro shortage, and to save a few bucks... but anyways, some jerk off alabamian cadillac guy was riding my ass and i'm like **finger out the window** i move over, still coasting, he zips past me and we end up next to each other once we reached stopped traffic. I'm thinking "Ha jackass!" Okay, enough.

In better news, Christmas with the Barnes and Oalmans was good. I got to Woodruff around 9:15am Saturday, after racing a Corvette on I-85 and accidentally reaching a new top speed in the WRX...115mph...and anyways, he pulled way ahead when i realized how fast we were going, i let the cruise take control again, around 85 or so, and he disappeared. But for anybody with a bike rack and sports car, make sure its tight on the roof... my trusty yakima slid about 3 inches back on the top. Made me sort of nervous. So thats that. We exhanged gifts, and I actually managed to suprise Rach with the Mtn biker wallet she didn't think she was getting. We went to her Nana and Papa's and did our secret santa thing (i guess thats what its called, not really sure though) and Susan Marie walked in with way more than ONE PRESENT, but thats to be expected I guess. It was too late to ride when we left, so we worked off our lunch by hiking around the woods. The following day we lazied around and got to Southside around noon. We met one other rider in the parking lot and otherwise had the trail to ourselves. We were like, lets go slow and ride two laps, and shortly thereafter forgot our agreement and were racing as usual. Probably rode around 8 or 9 miles and called it quits. We found the parking lot full of people getting ready to test out their new christmas gifts. There were probably twenty people or more there. So I guess we finished just in time. We went back to their place, I loaded my car, we took flowers to her father's grave and I was off.

I stopped once for yellow roses, a diet mtn dew, and a snack. Stopped somewhere inside Georgia for gas, debated stopping at (the surely infamous) exit 173, but didnt and got to Marietta around 9 something. We watched TV, watched Steel Magnolias, and went to bed. I woke up to CNN and coffee and a crossword puzzle and she woke up a little while later. Now were going for another gourmet breakfast at waffle house.

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