Monday, December 20, 2004

finally done with finals

this weekend passed by pretty well. i went to work saturday, bought my parents bikes, sunday i went to my grandparents land for our gift giving day. i got some good stuff. a camp hammock, rain fly and bug net, got DMB The Gorge, got a DMB poster, tons of snack food, my tires (saturday) were part of my present.

i went to the mall to do some xmas shopping. then took my discrete final, and made my way to the library to use the internet. found bobby there, we did some running around to get wendy's and got my bike, took him back to school, met rachel and we went to flat rock. i rode my singlespeed and we explored the place. we had a good time riding this rock wall. it was really tall, like 6 feet. wait 6 inches... or 4 inches... anyways. we had coffee at barnes and noble, and saw what mountain bike magazine had to say, then we went our separate ways.

i had dinner with my parents, then came over here (to wayne's house) to pick her up. we're going over to jd's house to play halo...wait to drink beer and eat pizza...and play halo.

auburn tomorrow to ride, then work. and work wednesday, and thursday, then hang out with my family friday. dont know when i'll post again. so merry christmas. peace


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