Thursday, December 09, 2004

relief: no more essays

its thursday night. i successfully finished my final research paper for popular culture. it was interesting, but i am just burnt out on typing. i think i wrote something like 75 pages this semester. and i'm just a math major. we're not supposed to have to write. do i want any cheese with my wine/whine? no thanks very much, i already had some.

aside from spending the entire day either in class, or working on this paper i did, well, almost nothing else. i took a test this morning in american government. it was our fourth test (we dont have a final, each test is 25%) and i think i made a 98 or 100 on it. i needed like a 87 to make an A, so i think i've successfully secured one A. we also got back our discrete math tests from tuesday. i made a 94. i made a few stupid errors. oh well. our final in that class is on the 20th, the last day of finals. every semester i've been in school i've had a final the last day. its like a curse or something. i dont know if i put it yet or not, but mrs. mccrillis gave us back our research papers for modern art. i wrote mine about amadeo modigliani. she gave me a 98. i dont know if it was that good, or she was getting tired of reading papers and just wrote something down, but i'll take it.

Now that i think of it, I should make all A's this semester. The only class I'm worried about is Pop Culture. the essay i just finished is like 25% of our grade, and it wasn't that great. oh well. my thomson stem came today to the bike shop, it looks good. real good. i'd almost venture as far as saying its sexy, with its smooth curves... oh wait. sorry.

i'm looking foward to the weekend. starting at noon tomorrow i guess. I'll go to the bike shop, but it should go by really quick. I have no idea what I'll do after work. maybe a night ride... hmm. then saturday i am taking Jazz, my little, to my grandparents land to camp out. he's never been, and well, it won't be uber-wilderness or anything, but should be fun. i'll take my camp stove and stuff and make oatmeal and coffee, hot chocolate (for Jazz) with whip cream on the side. well no whip cream. then maybe get a real grandma-cooked breakfast too. mmmGood. Sunday afternoon I dont know what i'll do. maybe ride.

thats all for now, and probably the next few days. I'm without a computer at home, so its tough sometimes. later


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