Friday, December 03, 2004

woooooo hooooooo

i must say today around 7:15pm I finished my modern art research paper. It was a 7-10 page paper with footnotes. I also finished (this morning) my 7-10 page paper for ancient medieval art. the two papers were pretty much the same with some editing here and there, but for me that was still a lot of work considering i started research monday morning. It was like an elephant was lifted off my shoulders. or something like that.

Yesterday was good too. I rode my bike to my early classes, rode home, skipped my one hour seminar class, and went to work at the bike shop at 3pm. We were pretty busy for a wednesday this time of year, and I was rushing to get out by 7:25. I was running late meeting my good friend rachel up at her apartment in atlanta. i made a somewhat speedy trip to northern atlanta from central columbus in about an hour and a half. the trip home was probably worse... got on I-85 at 8:04 and walked into class at 9:30am. dont ask me how... but the evening in atlanta was good. we went grocery shopping, prepared for the first ever blizzard inside publix, and got a publix brand dijorno pizza that turned out to be better than dijorno i think. anyways. we ate pizza and watched "midnight in the garden of good and evil." i still have to watch the last 20 minutes or so, but its good so far. Then today at school was so-so, can't really complain.

by the way... for anyone else who has a roof rack of some sort... traveling without the rack is much much more gas efficient. monica palmer and rachel b have both told me so, but it took first hand experience to believe. useful trivia i guess. thats all. bout to go watch robert deniro and taxi driver. you talkin to me? haha

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RB^2 said...

Just so you know. I dont live in northern atlanta. You actually made it to MID-atlanta. Decatur, to be exact. So more like mid-east. Not to be confused with the other mid-east. Well, fewer marines and bombs, that is. If you went to northern atlanta it would have taken about 3 hours. And you know this, man.