Monday, December 13, 2004

holy ****

okay. my day was going great, especially for a monday, until about an hour ago. but anyways... i'll just talk about the day in chronological order. and therefore the "holy ****" only applies to the end.

i had modern art this morning followed by pop culture. we have a final thursday in modern, so its not done all the way, but our essay was the final in pop culture, so today was the last day. it sucked, thats been one of my fav. classes of my college career.

so then i tutored melisha and that turned into $35. get jazz from school. me and him rode bikes around his neighborhood. then we played some PS2 racecar game for an hour or so and then i went downtown to our bike shop. i changed the tires on my singlespeed and suited up in my cold weather roadie gear (ie: tights, long sleeve skintight jersey).

so i show up to phenix city and its cold as shit and i decide to ride anyways. i got in the woods and i start getting scared cause its quiet and incredibly dark and i start thinking about the serial killers that lurk in those woods, it is phenix city after all... and i cut my ride short and i got back to my car and this phenix city rent-a-cop pulls up and this bounty hunter guy and they're like "son, you got any weapons on you?" i start freakin out and im like am i under arrest and something, then i figured out they thought i was a hunter. so i convinced them "i'm only a mountain biker" hence the mtn bike on top of my car, and as they say the kerry sticker on the back should have given them the "anti-kill-innocent-animals-idea."

so then i went to fountain city, strolled in getting some iffy looks for my winter riding attire, or maybe they just thought i was sexy. hmm. and got my coffee and left. talking to mark on IM about our cars. and thats all. later.


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RB^2 said...

Better stick with the hope that they at least know that it's a bike on your car...although democrats are known for their threats of taking all the guns away from these unalienable rights of ours.