Wednesday, December 15, 2004

raw fish and the end of the world.

today was a fun day. we slept in, until 10am or so. then i went and took my dog to the groomer's to get a bath. i went to school, finished up a journal for servant leadership and dropped that off.

that was a good time. got california rolls, cucumber rolls, and tuna rolls. she had a tough time with the chopsticks. i wanted to order some saki, i thought that would help. but i wussed out. only my second time, but i'll be a conoisseur in no time...

i went to work and talked to a guy in trekland (wisconsin) for an hour and forty nine minutes. we talked about the new program for our bike shop. we did this online meeting thing through and i was looking at his screen and could have interacted on his computer from mine, but i didnt really know what i was doing, so i sorta chilled. it was funny though, he had his own customer database with lance armstrong, sheryl crow armstrong and other famous people. and all that was showing up on my screen. he didnt think it was that cool, but i convinced him that for "us georgia rednecks" that was pretty cool. anyways. i finished with that whole phone call thing i talked with this homebuilder guy about a bike for his kid, and then it was time to close the store. it was a quick four hours.

then i left. and i went home, shaved and made my way back to the girls' dorms. and i have three finals tomorrow so i am gonna study now.


p.s. the title of this post was sushi and the end of the world. well, i mentioned sushi already, and so
click here to see the end of the world.

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