Thursday, December 16, 2004

pigs dont fly

at least they didnt last time i checked. i took my other two finals and they went okay. after my math history final i went to flat rock park and did a night ride. i only rode about 2.9 miles on my rigid singlespeed and my helmet lightset went out. i realized the importance of a full charge. riding across slick rock under a dark sky proved to be scary, especially knowing theres random three and four foot drops and one rather large twenty foot vertical. so i made it back, cold and safe. i showered and talked to my parents, who i've probably seen a total of twenty minutes over the past week. so that was the rest of my day.

i found out that rachel's holiday party has been changed to tomorrow, but we're not going. we're still gonna go up there on saturday, which reminds me i need to call frank to get some bourbon. i'm gonna go ride tomorrow with rick and b rank (brian). thats all. jg

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