Wednesday, December 22, 2004

nothing rhymes with purple or orange

Wouldnt it suck to be a word, and not have any word that rhymed with you? I was just thinking about that.

monday night we all (chris, jd, denise, bobby, ryan, stephanie, brian, frank, me and rachel) hung out at jd's house and watched the last samurai and played halo and drank beer and stuff. it was a good time, and a somewhat scary ride home.

tuesday was ok. everybody cancelled on riding (frank, rick powell), and rachel had a nasty hangover so i didnt ride. i did however go shopping for some supplies for a "christmasy" arts and crafts project. can't really comment on that more.

went to work and played on the computer for four hours. yeah. me and rachel worked on our bikes. i finally put good brakes on my singlespeed. yeah. so that was last night. today was a long day at the bike shop. i left and ate dinner with my folks, then took a nap, then awoke to my cell phone ringing. so now im at wayne's (rachel's moms boyfriend's) house about to play scrabble.

still smiling
p.s. i just checked my grades... i made:
art resources B*
modern art history A
ancient/medieval art history A
pop culture/art history A
discrete math A
servant leadership films A
american government A
history of mathematics B
*this class will be changed to an A in january.
this semester pulled my GPA up from 3.46 to 3.53 hehe. im such a nerd.


Anonymous said...

oh and nothing rhymes with silver either

greyguitar said...

i find it odd that the 3 words aforementioned are all colors.